From complete outdoor living solutions to patios, decks & Pergolas, Ford Service Co has you covered. Interested in covered patio we can work with your budget and in stages from concrete patio or deck install to the Cover, railing and final touches.  



12x30ft Concrete Patio w/Cover, Composite Shingles with Cedar Post, Railing and Flower beds.


12x24 Concrete Patio w/Cover, 3 Tab Shingles with Stained Cedar Post and Railing.


16x20ft Exterior Paint & Patio Cover w/ Stained Cedar Post


12x26ft Treated Deck, w/12x16ft Shingled Cover, 2x2 Red Cedar Railing.



                        Patio Addition: Patio, Pergola, Gas Grill Enclosure & Wet Bar



12x26ft Western Red Cedar, 4x6 Post, 2"spacing on 2x2s. Stained w/Natural Cedar


20x20ft Western Red Cedar, 4x6 Western Red Cedar, stained w/Red Cedar


12x20ft Treated Deck, 12x12 Cover, painted Burnt Orange.


7x24ft Trex Decking along side pool.


14x16ft treated Deck                                          15x15ft Treated Deck w/Benches & Corner Steps


11x17ft Western Red Cedar Pergola w/no 2x2


10x16ft Cedar Pergola w/no 2x2                        16x20 Cedar Pergola, 6x6 Post, 2x2 on 3" OC 


9x12ft Concrete Slab                                           Treated Deck

12x12ft Custom Made Playscape                          Benches in Playscape



8x8ft Play Fort                                                    Interior Layout Of Fort w/desk & shelves

Landscaping and misc....